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What is this about?

You want to sell images sucessfully through stock agencies like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and more? You'll need really good keywords for your images to be on top in the search results. This tool will help you find such keywords.

How does it work?

  1. Enter into the search box what your picture is showing, e.g. "cow" and start the search by pressing Enter
  2. From the pictures that are shown now, they are ordered by topsellers, choose the ones that are most similar to your own photo
  3. The tool will show you a list of keywords at the bottom of the page which you can easily copy and use for your picture

If you found this service useful and want to support the development of free software, feel free to write me a mail and say thanks to, put some money into my coffee fund or gift me something from my Amazon wishlist.


Ideally use a single word to describe your photo. Press Enter to start the search.

Keywords will be sorted descending by the number of times they are found in the selected images. The first 50 keywords will be marked green, the following grey. If you want to receive German keywords, please use the german version of this site which can be reached through the link at the top.

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